What is the Best Season to Move in?

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Moving comes with various challenges in every season. Your Experts came up with a list of pros and cons to help make sure that your move is during the best time of year for you!



  • Great weather
  • Being settled in your new home before the winter 
  • Lower costs on homes


  • If you have children in school, this may be a difficult time of the year to move
  • Less weekend availability for moving companies due to holidays 
  • If you wait until later in the season, you may experience winter weather conditions unexpectedly



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  • Cheaper than moving in the warmer seasons
  • Moving companies have more availability and flexibility because not many people want to move in the winter months
  • Moving company rates may be lower since the demand is lower


  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Less weekend availability for moving companies due to holidays
  • You will have to weatherproof belongings that can’t get wet during your move




  • Much less demand for housing during the spring season, meaning less expensive costs
  • Moving companies still have good availability due to demand steadily increasing from winter
  • Better weather conditions than the winter months


  • If you have children in school, this may be a difficult time of the year to move
  • Mover availability decreases as the months go on, which makes it difficult to schedule a move
  • Unpredictable and occasionally bad weather



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  • If you are selling your home, you will get a higher price on it in the summer
  • Summer break for school kids 
  • More hours in summer days


  • This is peak moving season, meaning higher prices
  • It may take longer to get your belongings from moving companies
  • Hot weather conditions

What is the Best Month to Move? October!

With all things considered, we conclude that early October is the best month to move due to lower prices and decreasing demand in the market for homes, flexible schedules for moving companies, and typically great weather conditions. We also recommend that you move during the week between Monday-Thursday because pricing will be cheaper and moving companies tend to have more availability. 

No matter the season you’re moving in, your Expert Movers are ready and able to help you relocate. We secure every belonging, are an insured company, are careful not to track in any elements from the outdoors, and most importantly, we make it a great and easy experience for you no matter the season.