How to Prepare Your Pets for a Move!

Pets are not as adaptable to change as we are, and moving can be much more stressful for them than it is for us. Your pets are most likely going to be overwhelmed by all the boxes and activity as well as the transition itself: use these tips to make the transition smoother and less stressful for your furry friends.


1. Stay consistent with your pet’s regular routine

Having some sense of routine in the overwhelming midst of change will help your pets tremendously! Make sure to feed them and take them on their daily walks at the same time that you normally would. Be sure to set moments aside in your busy schedule to spend time with them; this will encourage them that everything is okay.


2. Keep your pets away from the chaos of the move

When your pet is in the chaotic environment of decluttering and packing, their anxiety levels skyrocket. Try to keep them away from all the action by putting them in a room that you can pack up last. Give them familiar objects like toys or blankets to help comfort them and keep them occupied.


3. Prepare an essentials kit for your pet

Prepare a kit with food, any necessary items, toys, and grooming tools. Having an essentials kit for your pet can save you both stress during the first few days of unpacking.


4. Take your pet in the vehicle with you!

Take your pet in your vehicle during the trip to your new home. Consider putting them in a kennel with a blanket over it to keep them as comfortable as possible. If you’ve never used a kennel before, it may be helpful to gradually introduce your pet to the kennel in the months leading up to the move to save them unnecessary stress.


5. Set up a room for your pet before moving them in

Keep your pet in a room that you’ve already set up prior to moving them into the new home. This way you can set up the rest of the house and gradually introduce them to their new home.


Bonus Tip:

Remember to also contact their vet to get ahold of any records or refills on any prescription medications, as well as update the information on your pets’ tags or microchips to match their new address. 


With these helpful tips, your beloved pet will be adjusted to its new space in no time!