Wondering where to buy boxes for your next move?

Keep reading to find out where to buy moving boxes and more that you need to know before you do! 

Moving boxes are essential to executing a seamless, stress-free move. 

You can find just about any and every kind of moving box. There are a few options to choose from, from using recycled ones to buying them new. Below you can find the pros and cons of each type of moving box, ensuring that your moving experience is as stress-free as possible.

Get them for FREE: 

You can call or visit almost any kind of business/store/shop/fast food restaurant that would receive weekly shipments of their products. Call them up in advance and ask if you can take some empty boxes off their hands. Liquor stores will have the sturdiest boxes but will yield less. Groceries stores like Target and Walmart will have the most boxes, but can’t guarantee quality. Overall, what is great about boxes like these is that they are free! The bad news about them because they have been used and are typically made cheaply. . . you run the risk of poor structural integrity. The overuse of the boxes can cause them to break under the stress of reuse, resulting in damaged items that would cost more to replace than simply purchasing a sturdy box. 

Purchasing Boxes: 

Places like Grainger industrial supply, ULINE, Home Depot, etc. While these boxes are very sturdy and can guarantee a safe move. They also can be overpriced and actually can cost you more out of your pocket for what they’re worth. If you are willing to pay extra for a safe move, it’s a good choice to go with purchasing new and sturdy boxes.

Using Professional Moving Grade Boxes:

This option will be in your best interest, as they are purchased directly from a moving company. These moving boxes are specifically made for moving, so they are of the highest quality, you can purchase the specific quantity you need, and they are cheaper than purchasing from a company like Home Depot. If you didn’t hire a moving company, you can look into only using their boxes. By going this route, you’re not wasting your time running around looking for free boxes or wasting money on overpriced boxes. To make moving even easier, you can simply hire a moving company to pack for you.

Boxes, boxes, boxes.

It’s all we see when we are moving… it can become pretty annoying. You can make the process smooth and stress-free by using Expert Movers Boxes. If you decide to purchase boxes through Expert Movers, they deliver them to you free of charge within the city of Chicago. Or better yet, let the movers do it all for you! They will take care of packing, boxes, and the move from start to finish, leaving you stress-free and settled into your new home.