Packing For A Move

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When packing for your move, it’s essential to keep in mind the time available and plan out your master moving schedule, a few weeks in advance. You’ve decided you need movers but here are a few tips to help you create a solid plan that makes moving a breeze!

Reuse or borrow boxes.

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There is an abundance of options for packing supplies that can be purchased at low costs or borrowed from friends and family. Old sturdy diaper boxes or boxes that you get from Amazon are ideal. Keep these boxes handy or ask neighbors for their Amazon boxes. When packing for a move you should start packing any items you least often need or use.

Give away unwanted items.

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Donate these items to Goodwill or post on your neighborhood Facebook page and have neighbors retrieve your unwanted and unneeded items. Packing for a move is much different than packing for storage; if you move across state lines or out of town, you will most likely not want to save certain things like holiday decorations or other inexpensive items that can be easily replaced.

Likewise, boxing up your home according to your current needs can help simplify packing.

Give each type of item some thought.

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Additionally, it’s best to consider the level of care the stored items will receive; some may require professional packing while others may only warrant throwing into boxes.

Do you need help moving?

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Upon packing for a move, you should also consider whether or not you will need to rent a moving truck or movers. As packing for a move, you would be best off checking the moving
company’s policies on packing for their convenience and safety.

If you do decide to hire a moving company, contact our team at Expert Movers. Our friendly, knowledgeable experts will gladly answer any lingering questions you may have.

Organization is key.

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While packing, it is important to stay organized and stay on track. Use a moving checklist and timeline to stay on track. Keep items that are light and small in size near the back of the moving van so they are out of the way while packing. It is best not to overcrowd packing boxes; this can cause things to get broken or can damage fragile objects during the move.

It’s important to label each box with its contents and destination on all sides using masking tape and marker pens. This will ensure that everything is unpacked seamlessly- whether at your new home or storage unit. Also, organize each room individually while packing. This helps keep things from getting lost in the packing process; having everything boxed up in an organized
system ensures there won’t be any issues when unpacking at a new home or storage unit.

After the packing is all done, be sure to check that all of your supplies are ready for moving day. Finally, it’s time to look over the checklist you made – The day will be here before you know it!