Moving Checklist for Relocating Your Office.

Your business is relocating, you’ve found the location, you and your employees are looking forward to moving offices and working in a new and upgraded facility. But before you can celebrate, there is a road full of transition to be traveled. Throughout this process, it’s also crucial that running your business remains a priority. Our team at Expert Movers has come up with a list of tips that will keep you ahead of your move for a smooth and painless transition.



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Make a timeline of important dates for your business, and schedule the relocation based on that timeline for your moving date. Do not forget to factor in when the building lease will expire. When you’ve developed that timeline, communicate with all employees and the property manager about the relocation date.

Keep the business running by notifying customers or clients of any interruptions in service and when to expect a continuation of service.


Visit the new location

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Visit the new building where you’ll be moving. Examine the interior and exterior and hire a contractor for any renovations that need to be made, like a painter or carpenter. While there, create an office layout and determine the best positioning for desks and cubicles, taking note of necessary measurements and any potential difficulties in the floor plan. Be sure to share a copy of the layout with the movers to stay organized during the transition.


Update Company Information

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Provide relevant contacts with the company’s new address and be sure to indicate when the new address will take effect. In addition, items like business cards, stationery, and other marketing materials should be updated with the new address. Finally, don’t forget to update the address on the company website as well.


Create an inventory list 

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Before the move, make an inventory list of all the company assets, furniture, and other items you will take to the new location. Discard office clutter like old desks and chairs, broken or unusable furniture, and anything that has no practical use in the new office. 


Prepare utilities

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Ensure the new office is prepared for a fully functioning business by setting up the electricity, water, gas, phone, internet service, and other utilities before moving day. Hiring professional movers with commercial moving experience will ensure a smooth transition from your old office to your new one. Allowing you to focus on what matters most – your customers and clients – so that your business continues seamlessly. These tips will give you the edge you need for a hassle-free transition for your upcoming move. 


About Expert Movers

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