How to transfer utilities when moving.

gray GE volt meter at 414

We all know there is much to do when preparing to move. An easy step to overlook until the last minute is the transfer of your utilities to a new place. Switching over utilities can seem like a hassle but with these four easy steps, we’ll help you make your moving process smooth and stress-free.

Step 1:

First, find out what kind of utilities you will have to switch to. Based on the location you are moving to, there may be different services offered or different utilities required than your previous place. You can find this information at the City Hall located in your city.

Step 2:

Get a utility List started. Put together a list of all your utilities that you will need to switch over to. Depending on your area, you could be switching to a different provider. The basic ones to remember would be:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Garbage
  • Wifi
  • Monthly services tied to location

This will help you make calls/cancelations without anything falling through the cracks. A cold first shower in your new place doesn’t sound appealing.

Pro Tip:

You can visit the utility providers websites to find instruction on how to switch over. Most websites give specific instructions like Comcast Xfinity does here!

Step 3:

Once you have all of them written out, begin notifying your current and/or new utility provider you will be ending/beginning services at least 3 weeks prior to your move-in date. Your current plan should end the day of or day after the move and your new plan should begin the day before or the day of the move.

Step 4:

Once all utilities have been switched over, double-check and make sure everything is up to date with payment before you switch over your utilities. Be sure to check all meters and write information down before moving out to ensure no incorrect charges will be made.