Change of Address: Who Do You Need to Notify When You Move?

blue and white mail box on green grass field

Preparing for a move can be stressful, but there are tips to help you with your move. Taking the time to prepare can make the moving experience a breeze. One of the most significant stresses about moving is making sure your contact information is updated, and addresses are updated with your utility providers as well as healthcare and insurance providers. 

This change of address checklist will help you get some idea of where to start for notifying the right businesses and services about your move.

The Post Office 

When moving, your first step should be to notify the post office. Fill out a change of address form from the U.S. Postal Service website. Make sure to fill out this form at least a week before your move and set a specific start date that you want your mail forwarded, so there is no gap in receiving your mail. 

Gas and Electric Utilities 

The next step is updating your information on file from the gas and electric companies. Thankfully, service providers like ComEd for electric and People’s Gas for gas simplify the process. For changing your electricity, fill out the Move My Service form on the ComEd website. For changing your gas, fill out the start, stop, or move your energy service form on the People’s Gas website. Make sure to do this as soon as you know your new address and your moving date to ensure power and gas is up and running in your new location. 

Phone, Cable, and Internet Services

You’ll want internet access as soon as you move into your new location. Be sure to contact your internet service provider when you know your new address and the date of your move. Most internet service providers have contact information or forms like RCN provides to let the service providers know to change your service.  


Insurance Providers 

Contact your insurance provider as soon as you know your new location and the date of your move. If purchasing a home, the insurance company may be already involved as part of your home insurance policy; however, notify them of your address change for other insurance lines such as car insurance or life insurance. 

Sewer, Water, and Garbage 

Contact providers to set up service at your new location as soon as you know the address and date of your move. This is to ensure the waterworks, and garbage will be taken care of at your new location. You may need new garbage cans at your new place as well, depending on the utility company. Be sure to contact your old providers and let them know the date to stop service. 

Your Employer 

While you may be getting paid through direct deposit, it is still important to have your employer have your updated address on file if they need to contact you or mail you any tax information or other important forms. 

Banks, Credit Unions, and Credit Card Companies

Often there are forms online you can fill out from banks, credit unions, or your credit card companies to update your information. This ensures there are no fraudulent charges on your account, as these organizations would have your information up to date. 

Social Security Administration and Tax Agencies 

If you are receiving benefits from the Government, you will want to contact each agency and inform them of your new location, so you do not miss out on any benefits you deserve. 

Voter Registration

Ensure your vote will be counted in local and national elections by changing your address on your voter registration. The Chicago Elections website has good information about the steps to take to change your address. If outside of Chicago, contact your local city or county offices. 

Friends and Family

You don’t want to miss out on Christmas Cards! Either contact family members directly or send out a mass email (be sure to use BCC) to your friends and family with your new updated information. 

Subscription Boxes and Other Companies 

If you receive subscription boxes or subscribe to any streaming services, you will want to contact these companies to make sure your service carries over to your new location. Be careful, however, as services like Hulu only allow you to change your address a couple of times

Moving is a bit of a process, but taking the right steps will make sure your move into your new place is a seamless transition.